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Theresa has co-authored with International Personal and Spiritual Development Leaders and Entrepreneurs such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mark Victor Hansen and Neale Donald Walsh in the book named “In the Spirit of Success”.

Inspired by the response from readers, client’s and community, Theresa began to write a book to share from the heart what she had learned and experienced to inspire a greater audience to live an empowered and meaningful life! Little did she know that the book would reach international audiences and become a holistic handbook of daily guidance as shared by many readers in their personal journey of self-empowerment and realization of living their best life! The book is named “Become your Own Guru, how to live an empowered and meaningful life”

 Theresa is a Certified International Wish Teacher, Applied Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach who speaks about living an authentic and happy life. She has studied and practiced meditation, healing modalities, coaching practises, energy and metaphysics for over 20 years and is Entrepreneurial by nature.

Previously, Theresa had worked in a corporate job, striving for success by climbing the corporate ladder and one day woke up to the fact that this wasn’t the success she was looking for! Realizing something was missing in her life, even though she had everything a girl could want, she questioned her life and at that moment she felt an innate sense of direction and knowingness arise within her body.

Theresa began to listen to her intuition and follow the direction of her heart!

Her intuition lead her to read certain books, study healing modalities and more. Most of all Theresa studied her own mental, emotional and physical habits and patterns by becoming mindful and consciously choosing to transform her life.

Theresa is deeply compassionate and has a unique ability to easily help her clients get to the heart of the matter, gain clarity and direction and move forward to create their goals and dreams. Theresa has helped people worldwide, having worked with clients locally within Australia and also USA, Canada, Macau, Mexico, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain.

And today she works with people one on one, in workshops online and in person. Theresa loves to bring people together and bring out the best within each individual. As a Speaker she loves to speak and inspire her audience by intuitively speaking from the heart to bring awareness to the inner knowing and guidance that is present in us all. Helping people to transform and live their best life.

Her passion is empowering, coaching and teaching those who are seeking truth, self-empowerment and freedom. Theresa empowers her audience by teaching techniques for self-awareness, presence and how to work with universal intelligence and co-create their best life.

On a personal level, Theresa lives at gorgeous small village of Uki, NSW with her family and has become well-loved for her easy going nature, sense of fun, passion for travel, cultural experiences and adventure.


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