The Book

The Time is Now to Fully Embrace Who you Truly Are Wise, Loving, Authentic and Uniquely You!
International Author, Speaker and Coach Theresa Fitzgerald shares how to tap into the divine wisdom within you and live a life of fun, adventure, love, joy and freedom.


You’ll Learn

  • 7 Simple Steps to quickly transform your life todaybecome_your_own_guru_3d_book
  • How to free your mind from worry and busy thoughts
  • How to overcome doubt and fear to regain your Personal Power
  • How to gain clarity, direction and focus to achieve more with less effort
  • How to break through and transform emotional cycles of pain and suffering
  • How to transform limitations and scarcity to opportunity and abundance
  • Practical tips to being happy every day


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Praise for the Author

“Evthumbnail_1334814058799e9acbc-_w128h128_resize_1422424622ery once in a while you stumble across a book that you know will be a part of your life for a long time. A book that guides you through the ups and downs in your life, and becomes a trusted friend and adviser. ‘Become Your Own Guru’ is that type of book. Theresa Fitzgerald writes with the courage of a woman who is determined to face the Truth and know herself at the deepest level. Theresa is the real deal – a genuinely humble and inspiring teacher who can really walk the talk.”
Louise Laffey Creator of The Wish™
thumbnail_135416497213307d7b2-_w128h128_resize_1422367169“I am amazed at just how much is in this fantastic little book! It’s comprehensive, clear and absolutely full of the essential ideas, lessons and steps necessary to create lasting transformation.”
Dr Jonathan Ellerby PhD International Best Selling Author of Return to The Sacred and Inspiration Deficit Disorder
“Theresa Fitzgerald writes with passion and a strong desire to see people living and experiencing life through their connection to self, their inner wisdom and a belief that we can all easily step into being the leader of our own lives. “Become your own Guru” is a beautiful reflection of the wisdom you contain within, each page connecting you to your own truth and ability to be the leader of your own life. A wonderful resource and travelling companion that will keep you on track as you navigate your way to your own internal compass……Where will this journey take you? …..It’s in your hands!”
Patricia Johnston Consultant