Embrace your Sense of Fun and Adventure

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Fun and Adventure Uplifts the Soul…. Are you having fun yet?

The reality is, many of us have become a little too tied up in living a serious life and forgotten the value and balance that is brought through playfulness, fun and adventure.

It’s easy to be caught up in the responsibility of paying the bills, building a career, caring for family, and life lending to a mundane existence.  If this sounds like you, please remember you do not need permission to include play, fun and adventure in your life.

It is simply a choice and you have an opportunity to continue to mindlessly live in the patterns and behaviours you have created, or change them.  To explore a new way of living takes courage to go beyond that which you have thought, felt and lived.

As children, before parents told us to be careful we were innate explorers.  We were born and had this amazing world to explore.  We were born innate, all knowing of our own connection to our body, our true self and all that is.

A visit with my grand-nephew was so incredibly insightful as Jensen reminded me about the passion to embrace life.  Three year old Jensen lives in the city and came with his family for a visit to our country farm.  When he arrived it was a very windy day, the family had travelled around five hours and Jensen was so excited.  He couldn’t wait to explore the farm- see the chooks, the pony, the sheep and the cows.  He wanted to flick dirt, feel nature and he was so incredibly excited.  It didn’t matter if it was cold or hot, windy or calm.  Nothing mattered, but to have these experiences and experience them fully.

Jensen by nature had an unstoppable zest to see, hear, feel, touch and experience all of life.  He gives you that sense that he is here to truly “do it all” and enjoy every moment.  Jensen, loves life, he is happy, ambitious, passionate and he exudes in energy.

Jensen is a great teacher to living in the moment and living from your heart through fun, love and adventure.

Your life can be seen as an adventure right here and now, all it takes is a slight attitude shift.

Practical Action Step Tip:

Affirm by declaring ” from this moment  I choose to see my life as a fun and amazing adventure”.

Accept that challenges in life are part of the adventure and be fascinated by them and  listen to your innate wisdom for solutions.

Listen to your heart calling you for a “Play Date” and go for it!!!  Enjoy and have fun.

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