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Do you want to Live Life on your Own Terms with more Fun, Adventure, Joy, Abundance and Freedom?

I wish to share a secret with you……

You Are The Guru in your life!  You are all wise, all loving and all powerful already!!!

You don’t need to become anything more than you already are!

So, if this is true, the question is why do I say Become Your Own Guru?

And the answer is; because the modern lifestyle of people in the Western World has not had the Culture to support this truth and therefore many of us have created and lived with limitations, illusion, unhappiness, busyness, stress, health issues, lack, relationship challenges, suffering and unfulfilment that has overshadowed this truth.  Therefore not living our full potential.

Becoming your own guru is a journey to remember who you truly are, discover your potential, your gifts, your purpose and live with passion, purpose, love, wisdom, joy and abundance.

It’s a journey to embrace your individual and unique essence, live your happiest and most fulfilling life, and bring your wildest dreams to reality.

And it’s all about BEING YOU!

How different could your whole life be if you were able live with the same richness in wisdom, love and power of a traditional Guru, Mystic or Shaman whilst living a modern lifestyle?

Are you Ready to lighten your heart and mind and live a life by choice?

Are you Ready to Live More and Work Less?

Are You Ready to live your true life purpose and make a difference in the World?

Are you Ready to Discover your Full Potential?

Are You Ready to BE YOU?

  • Becoming your own Guru is the way to have it all and I want to be clear and honest that my biggest gift to you is to help you to embrace the guru within through a personalised approach to helping you to discover and embrace the Guru within you- your greatest asset.
  • I  choose to work with only a handful of new one on one coaching clients within a six month period because I am totally and wholeheartedly there with you to transform, discover your greatness and develop the skills that will build a strong foundation for success in your life and business.  For this to be true, I choose only to work with people who are really serious, ready and committed to becoming their own guru and achieving that deeper level of success in life and business.
  •  I am committed to bringing my coaching clients the best value of time and money by a personalised approach and working together to create a mutually expansive outcome.  ie.  A win, win relationship and I will teach you how to create this in your relationships too.
  •   My clients often say that working with me has been priceless. You will receive amazing value in many forms from deeper and more meaningful relationships, more financial flow, more time for things you love, attracting better opportunities in work or business, more vitality and energy and more.
  • If you feel a stirring in your heart or intrigued in your mind, then you are aligned to this offer and ready for more information to make a wise decision, please read about my approach to Becoming Your Own Guru Coaching below:
 Discovery Session

Before accepting anyone into my programs and enlightened private coaching community, it is important to ensure that we are a good match.  That we are going to create an expansive, fun and successful outcome in achieving your life and business goals by Becoming Your Own Guru.  My mission is in absolutely achieving the most empowering and best outcome for you!

This session is an introduction into my facilitator style and we lay all of your goals on the table, explore together and experience what is of most benefit for you in that moment to walk the high road and supercharge your efforts to achieve success.

What do I mean by what is of most benefit.  Everyone is different and unique.  My approach is not one size fits all.  I have a background of over 20 years experience in facilitating profound transformation on many levels, as well as business and life coaching skills.  I will assist you through the richness of my own personal state of consciousness, my healing modalities,  life and business experience, professional education and resources and connections to other professionals.

6 Month Foundation Program

Initially, I work with my new clients together via a 6-month committed period, because my experience has shown that 6 months is a perfect amount of time to build a solid foundation and create a momentum that can be sustained and expanded upon.

 Becoming your own Guru Coaching is individual, its all about working with the individual person to embrace their own guru and live their full potential.  However, some common themes that come up and will be transformed are:
  • Releasing and Letting Go of old limiting thoughts, words, actions, habits that hold you back or sabotage your success
  • Simple, quick and easy practices to live in a more centred, calm and proactive way in life and business
  • Learning about your true strengths, embrace them and shine
  • Learning how to have empowering relationships which are win/win in life and business
  • How to create cash flow, attract clients, business partners and more
  • How to work with your intuition to create opportunity and achieve success easier than before.
  • And more.
 Foundational Program Structure:
  • You’ll get three 90 minute sessions per month via skype or phone.
  • You’ll get unlimited email/text support- I guarantee to respond within 48 hours
  • This Structure is friendly to Clients Nationally and Internationally.  If you feel that you would prefer person to person coaching, mention your interest in the inquiry.  Special Conditions Apply.
  • You’ll get some Become Your Own Guru Surprises
 The Coaching is Expansive – Not Expensive, follow your heart and inquire for Free

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