You have the Power to change your life in a Heartbeat…

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Freewill, The Power of Choice

One of my wise teachers Justin once said, “the only thing we have to fear is our own mind out of control”.  This statement really struck a chord with me, it was reflecting everything I had come to realize through my own personal journey from Depression to Well-being over 15 years ago.

Realizing you can choose your own thoughts, your own perceptions and your own feelings places you in a state of empowerment.  Every choice of thought, feeling, perception, word or action can take you deeper into empowerment and your truth, or further away from it.  Choices that are aligned with your true self take you deeper into empowerment and feeling a deeper sense of meaningfulness.  Choices that are made based more on outside influences and are not aligned to your own truth will take you further from an empowered state and will result in less meaningful feelings.

In every moment, you have the power to make a choice.  Through becoming aware of choices that are dis-empowering, you can change your life in a heartbeat by choosing wisely.  The more you begin to live according to your truth and empowering choices in word, thought, feeling and deed, the more ease and grace you create in your life by becoming and living authentically.

The more empowered you are ,the more centred, peaceful, joyous and loving you feel and vice versa.  You are able to live in a way where life feels easy, secure, confident, amazing and abundant…

Practical Action Step Tip:

Remember in every moment you have the power of choice.  Begin to observe your choices and how they play out in your life.  Transform dis-empowering choices to more empowering choices.  Choices based on your truth feel liberating, happy and authentic.  Start with simple and easy choices first.

What is one different choice you can make today to feel free and happy?

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